Autumn Burke, a Democrat, is a candidate for the 62nd district seat in California’s State Assembly.AutumnBurke

As an entrepreneur and small business owner, Autumn knows that good jobs, safe and affordable housing and quality schools are vital to every community. She will be an active problem solver who will fight for the interests of the people she represents, whether encouraging more businesses to locate and hire locally, improving conditions that can help small businesses succeed, increasing the availability of affordable housing or advancing the needs of local schools.VOLUNTEER_NOW_button

Autumn currently owns Mandeville Group, LLC, a professional consulting firm that offers business development, community outreach and energy efficiency consulting services. Previously, she was an award winning real estate agent at Keller Williams and has held senior positions with LA Events and the Los Angeles Marathon.

62nd DistrictAs the youngest daughter of parents who made their mark in business and government, Autumn learned at an early age the importance of hard work, integrity and the value of serving one’s community. Throughout her career, she has been active in a range of community initiatives.Ebony-magazine

Today, Autumn serves as a committee member on Count Me In for Women, an organization that promotes the growth of women-owned businesses. She is also a board member of the Yvonne Burke Education Foundation, founded by her mother Yvonne Burke, a former Los Angeles County Supervisor and U.S. Congresswoman. The organization provides scholarships to increase higher education attainment among young people in Los Angeles County.

Autumn BurkeAutumn has also been a longstanding supporter of the Compton Jr. Posse, a program that provides at-risk youth with alternatives to the lure of gang and drug lifestyles. For more than 20 years, the Compton Jr. Posse has given inner city kids hope by teaming them with horses and giving them roles at the ranch that encourage responsibility and a greater sense of belonging.



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